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Fairview Park

Category/House Renovated Size/4,500 sq.ft Location/Yuen Long, Hong Kong/PRC 

Kowloon Tong Garden

Category/Apartment Renovated Size/2,000 sq.ft Location/Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong/PRC 

Hampshire Road

Category/House Renovated Size/6,200 sq.ft Location/Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong/PRC

Victoria Harbour

Category/Apartment Renovated Size/2,000 sq.ft Location/ShenZhen/PRC Award/SUCCESSFUL DESIGN AWARD

Amber Garden

Category/Apartment Renovated Size/1,400 sq.ft Location/Mid-Level, Hong Kong/PRC

Royal Peninsula

Category/Duplex House Renovated Size/1,600 sq.ft Location/Hung Hom, Hong Kong/ PRC

Plantation Road

Category/House Renovated Size/3,600 sq.ft Location/The Peak, Hong Kong/PRC

The Waterfront

Category/Duplex House Renovated Size/1,900 sq.ft Location/Kowloon West, Hong Kong/PRC

The Cullinan

Category/Apartment Renovated Size/850 sq.ft Location/Kowloon West, Hong Kong/ PRC